I regret all this time because of such people. I wish I could just rewind the time; go back and teach myself never to trust anyone like that. I wish I was able to see through people because even when they break my heart; I keep on expecting from them, I keep on thinking of all the good they ever did to me. I wish i could tear myself apart and fit in a heart that doesnt feel anything for anyone. I wish I could understand I was walking with no one in a crowd full of people who dont give a fuck. I wish life could be easy on me for even once because through out my life the people I trusted the most backed off in hard times; they didnt walk with me when I needed them the most. Instead of holding me up, they always pushed me down and down; deeper into the darkness. Those whom I thought would make me shine; made me dim. I wish I could be my own sun, my own star, my own sky. I wish I had never depended on anyone for myself. So many wishes yet none to come true. I wish I was never a part of this world.

4 thoughts on “Regrets

  1. Regrets are indefatigable sources of distraction. The mere realization of your mistakes is enough of a blessing. Regrets should be constructive, not destructive. In some cases, you can circumvent certain contritions by simply being magnanimous.
    You don’t have to be your own sun, stars or galaxies. You should feel complete in and of yourself. We all come across good and bad people. We’re unwanted in somebody’s list too. Somebody’s happy because they no longer have us. Somebody wants to travel back in time and erase us. Everyone lives in their own little world. If all that we do is analyze their thoughts against us, won’t we be neglected of our own attention – something that we actually need?

      1. To that I’d say, “we also sideline some of the people we come across”. But it can be diminished nonetheless. Emotions can be trained and controlled. Dealing with it may not be easy in the beginning which is totally foreseeable, but living with it is utterly obnoxious. However, being indifferent toward those around us or caring less about them also doesn’t make sense. It just doesn’t willy-nilly has to be “a lot”. It matters more if it’s alruistic, when nothing is anticipated in yield.

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