Emotional Rides

They often make fun of how much vulnerable I am; throwing buckets full of sarcasm in my face on how emotional I am. Isn’t it funny that the people I put up higher there up in the sparkling sky consider me a useless particle of the sand on ground. They think I am super emotional and being that is so not cool. They think I am easily breakable yet they always forget it’s they themselves who break me. I feel like the most hollow person from inside. I have nothing inside me. The places I thought i had filled inside me with my people, are empty. I read somewhere that at the end it’s just you who stands strong beside yourself; no one literally no one stays forever. There is an end to every emotional bond you make. Whether it’s just in my head or it’s just bad time triggering my gloomy hormones to think of all the worst stuff in my life, I feel crestfallen and scared of these dark rooms I live in. I tell people I forget stuff easily so no matter how harsh something goes on me; a break of sleep will mend it all. But hardly anyone knows it keeps building inside me; it keeps haunting me always. When ever something goes wrong around me; it’s kind of an emotional tornado that hits me and all the bad memories flash around, telling me how lonely I am. I have people in my life that I love, i cherish. I can never forget how they stood firm with me at times; I keep reminding myself of how they care for me, they love me. But somehow I dun know why there is something that lacks. There is always a part that’s left blank for me in their life. Maybe they have different preferences but why is it that I am left alone at the end. Ah! It’s the same stuff I keep talking about again and again. Sorry but that’s how my life spins. I can’t help writing about my emotional rides.

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