Smaller than the smallest world I live in…

We live in this world of glitter and gold; fancy shoes walking around with fancy faces. We see people like they are all the same, different faces; walking in different shoes yet same levels. We make our world, we choose a few faces out of those millions and put them right there inside us. We seed them in our hearts like plants. We water them; scared of losing them. We think they are different of the lot and we keep telling ourselves they belong to our world yet we forget they have one too. They might be part of our world but they have their own world too where along with us; stand a few more faces. We harken back to the fact of them having a whole distinct garden than ours. We might have planted their seed in our heart yet many more have those seeds rooted deep inside them already. It’s just that we think like we have built a small world; everyone else has too. Yet it’s not true. Our small world might hold a few faces in it however those few faces might have bigger and bigger worlds of their own too. That’s life my love! That’s where expectations come hitting us head on our faces. We need to stop this fight with our ourselves. We need to know that not everyone can stand up to our expectation. I am oftenly told i am super emotional and i am fool to be that way. How can that be true when I feel being that emotional is kind of a strength for me. I feel more than the rest of the lot so I take care and read even the minute details of my people’s expressions. Isn’t it beautiful? Maybe I feel happy in my world; cherishing every second that circles around my people. Maybe I am wrong to expect from them to feel the same for me. May be it’s all my fault to think like my world ends with my people; their world end with me too. Maybe I need to grow it up. Or Maybe it’s all bullshit to think all that for i am glad living in this smaller than the smallest world of me.

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