What if i had answers

  • Is it the time that’s flying so fast?
  • Or is it my heart racing out?
  • Is it the fall that wont ever last?
  • Or is it the winters with drought?
  • Could it get worse than this day?
  • Could viability be my fate?
  • Could it be possible for you to stay?
  • Could it make love beat the hate?

2 thoughts on “What if i had answers

  1. If you had answers, that’s all you would have. Having answers doesn’t mean the questions would cease to exist; they might get multiplied with each answer giving rise to a few more. Having answers also doesn’t mean the knowledge would emanate contentment. Your viability has everything to do with your actions and choices. Someone else’s actions – staying or leaving or loving or hating – cannot resolve it.
    When we talk about our worst days, we’re always using a metric to compare things with. But what if we break the metric so there is no metric? Only and only then we can perceive that whatever happens has a temporary yet acute effect. The long term effects are determined by our response (most of the time). There are always more than one perspectives to look at things. So try to find beauty, optimism & hope and if you fail, remember there always is another perspective!

    1. I appreciate how you managed to lay down certain contradicting reasons to the heading; however sometimes no reasons satisfy the type of feeling you have with in. Sometimes it’s easy to judge and recreate an idea yet you stay oblivious of how the next person feels. It’s easy to say the game is easier the other way but hard to play it by yourself.

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