A world full of dead souls

You can say I’m going through a tornado of emotions and sentiments. You can say I’m entrapped in it from ever since I realized people are meant to be lost. You can say I’m still fighting this fact, harder and harder everyday. You can say I won’t ever be able to achieve victory for I don’t want to. You can say I might lose myself in this war. Well! I don’t mind losing myself to something I picture in my world. Sadly! My world is way too different from the real one. Alas! I belong to a world of glitter and gold whereas the one I dream of is made of soil. We belong to a world where from birth till death, we keep on losing. From the day one of someone cupping our firm, gentle faces till the last day of someone holding on to our trembling breaths, we just lose. Whether it’s the cells inside us that die each day or the sense of love that diminishes with every hit we get from this world. We are taught to lose. We see people living so practically and we admire that. We prefer looking happy over being happy for real. We make ourselves too vulnerable to the world. We allow people to use us and we love being used. We love how others violate and scar our souls. We love a scarred soul over a pure one. That is why we fall for traps; we stumble over the rocks of infatuation. We crave reaching for love yet we forget we can’t love someone else if we don’t know how to love our ownselves. We destruct our ownselves for others. We keep on losing till we become someone we are not. We live like that? Naah! We die like that. We walk around in a world full of dead souls trying to satisfy themselves with the love of world. My dear! That’s not the love we need. That’s not what will fulfil us. That’s not the real picture. Not at all.

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