Will always love them

They say that those who turn away when needed the most deserve nothing but hatred. But I don’t understand how is it even possible to hate someone whom you have loved all that time. How can you just let yourself walk away from someone whom you’ve been holding hands with all that time on that walk. From where do you get the power to cease the fire that kept you warm in winters. From where do you learn to face the scorching sun of summers. I am still a student. I don’t think I ll ever be able to learn to hate someone I have loved. I know they didn’t match my expectations. I know they were not there when i needed them. I know they made me cry. I know they dropped me down. As William Shakespeare said, “Expectation is the root of all heartache”. But I loved them. I can’t hate them because of me. I can’t allow my subconciousnes to get over my heart. I ‘ll love them. I ‘ll cherish the good days I spent with them. I ‘ll laugh when going through the beautiful memories I made with them. I wont allow the demon to abolish my love for them. They deserve love no matter how harsh they went and I ‘ll love them enough.

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