Lower down the barrier

In this world of glitter and gold, with all the rush along side beginnings and endings; we live lives where we crave for interactions. We want attentions, we want relations,we want love. We interact and we expect. When expectations shatter, we break. We gather all the courage and mend ourselves again. Once again we interact, we expect and we shatter. We keep on repeating the same mistake over and over again. We hate making any amendments in the cycle of pain. We love being loved by loving the pain. We love anticipating. We look forward to the next person jumping over hurdles to reach us and if they fall somewhere we feel dejected. We feel deprived for they couldn’t run over the hurdles to reach us. What we need to focus over here is why have we built up the barriers so high that people always fall? Why can’t we stop expecting so much from others? Why can’t we understand the fact that no human is perfect? All we need to do is lower down the barrier and let love reach us in all it’s perfect imperfections. So just say a big fat “No” to expectations and live a happy life.

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