Wrong directions…

We being humans are a Pandora box; full of emotions and replete with the consequences of failing emotions too. What I have learnt till now in my life about emotional attachments is what’s wandering around over my head tonight. Talked alot about stars and moons, magic and dust, love and regret yet what never changed was the jist of all this, “Emotional Attachments”. In every case what stayed the same was the direction that we give to our emotions. I had been so wrong at times where I went over to the wrong direction. And by wrong direction, I never mean that one or more people involved are wrong but I ld say the way we see them went wrong. I’ve noticed one common thing in human nature. We look for tags to people and names to relationships. We never see bonds beyond names. We stay unaware of relations that don’t need any kind of tags or names. They are there and stay there. Our mindsets have constricted our thoughts. Let’s put it in an example. We often hear a teenager telling his friends that he fell in love with certain someone and now wants to pass his whole life with that person. That teenager probably gives his emotions the wrong direction. He calls his mere infatuation to be love. His timely likeness for that specific person disappears with time and we see the same teenager repeating it all over again. We need to clear the difference between infatuation and love in our minds. And more than that, we need to understand that not every bond is to be named. There are somethings that have no name because a word is never eligible enough to describe that relation. Well! I believe we never learn if we don’t make mistakes. Mistakes help us be a better us. So let’s just hope we manage to give right directions to our emotional attachments in future and don’t repeat silly mistakes.

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