Learn from mistakes…

It’s never late to learn lessons, no matter what stage of mistake you’ve reached. The best thing is you finally know you were wrong and you start putting things to their right place. Mistakes, misapprehensions, slip-ups, wrong moves or whatever you call it are meant to be learnt from. Once you know you are crossing the line and you step back, you become mature. It’s never too late. Even if you’ve entered the lava land and now you want to escape, you surely can. Although there would be a few burns and scars imprinted on your body but what’s of more importance is that you made your way out. Instead of burning yourself completely, you had the realisation on a few burns. Sometimes you put your soul into something you love or like; whether your dream or your relationship or your career, you try to give your 100%. But then after certain time frame when you don’t attain what you expect, you get the actualization that it was never meant to be for you. It was never your type. It was never the thing you always craved for. You try to see the best it can bring but you realize that it can never be the best for you because what your soul craves for is something far more pure and truthful. The lesson you learn in such conditions is that you should never mix what your soul craves with your temporary cravings. The best will come to you someday. You need to focus on what real life is instead of sleeping over dreams. You need to give your thoughts the right direction. You need to respect yourself and respect the fact of certain something or someone not meant for you. I’m on my way learning new lessons everyday, with every new expectation shattering and with every broken expectation a new me evolving. So, know that it’s never late to learn. Follow your inner self and you’ll see the right way through. Expect less but never stop seeing good in wrong things for wrong things teach you more than the good ones.

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