Fear to let go off yourself…

While going through a book this afternoon I read a few lines saying, “You can try fighting your wishes, you can suppress them by getting into the fear of losing yourself to them but what you can never change is the fact, you WISHED, you LIKED, you WANTED something“. I was deeply touched by these lines. How immature it is to have the feeling of wanting something but stepping back by the fear of losing yourself instead of fighting to win it. What hurts more is that anyone who goes through this feeling never understands that losing yourself to your wishes is never called “Losing”. It’s called a victory. I’m not sure if I’m right but there is this poetry of either Amir Khusrao or Parveen Shakir in urdu which I can translate as “I’ll play this game of love on one condition with you, If I win, I win you, If I lose, You win me”. Isn’t it beautiful! Either way, the one who wishes or loves wins it. Well! This article is meant to be for someone who fears of his own desires, of his own love, fears of trusting his love. To them, I would say that the desire isn’t a desire until you desire it truthfully, until you desire it more than your rules, more than yourself.

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