Start living your life, stop passing it…

Slowly this world is racing towards an end. Putting it more accurately, my world is racing towards an end. The day we take birth is the day we start making our world. We see people, see things, live with them, love them, hate them, work around the clock, struggle with the time and then die. Hardly we realise that all this time, the time we were making our world, was the time we were fading ourselves. We get delighted by our life. We say, “Live in the moment”. But we forget we actually aren’t living it, instead we are passing it. With all the worries, all the stress burdening us all this time, we somehow lose ourselves to the world. We smile, laugh and be happy but that too is timely. They say that there is no price of happiness if there isn’t sadness. I agree. But who makes it all happen is us. If we learn to live the sadness with a smile, we learn to live our happiness. We bury ourselves deep down in a gloomy world and feel there is no one who cares for us. The day we learn to break those walls we hide ourselves in is the day we learn to live. I always say, “Passing life is easy. Yet it’s hard to live life”. So let’s just start living life instead of crying over our worries. Let’s just smile to our stress and kiss it a goodbye. Let’s just get up every morning with a new sunshine. Let’s just put an end to sleepless depressed nights. Let’s just make our world beautiful with life.

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