Rumi ❤

Rumi has always surprised me with his words. From “Masnavi” to the words I came across today, it is clear that Rumi is the defination of “Love” for me. His words although perfect, still strive for perfection for his love. He describes how hard it is to walk on stairs to reach his Beloved. The words above are an example of the passion he held in him. He says, “Gathering more and more is not the way“. That is letting go off yourself is what love demands. He says, “Burn, become light and heat. Melt“. That is hold in the fire to attain the unthinkable and then let it go for what you actually endeavor. Be a light; not for you to shine but to shine for someone you love. Be the heat; not for others to burn but for you to hold your devotion. Melt; not because you’re weak in anyway but to light up love, kindness and sympathy in your heart. Be a candle; learn to live with tears to reach your love and to die with a smile.

It’s easy to fall in love yet hard to live in love.

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