“Understanding is an art and not everyone’s a artist”

I came across these lines while scrolling down my instagram feed. These few words hold unfathomable strength. “Understanding” is something which Webster defines as the knowledge and ability to judge a particular situation or subject. Webster calls it an “informal agreement”. However, to me it’s much more than just that. It is a brawny connection between souls; an inclination that resists giving away any bit of the association. It is what I call an agonist affiliated with another agonist where both put in power, where there is no need of the worldly examples or people to tell you what is to be seen in the other person. Your connection with the soul is so stalwart that nothing can undo it. Now when it comes to being an artist of this art, all you need is “Trust”. If there is a trustworthy relationship, understanding develops automatically. If you believe in the next person completely and he/she sees your imperfections as perfections, understanding is there. But! If you want them to believe in you yet you don’t put in your part, there is no understanding because there is nothing to hold it. It requires both sides to play their part perfectly. If one slips, the other holds him. But! If one backs off, the other can’t do anything. You need to keep a hold on to it until both are interested. There is no use holding on to hollow understanding, infact! there ain’t understanding at all. Understand to be understood till there is solicitude on both sides.

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