Being Human

What my eyes witnessed today outside a restaurant in Pakistan is what so many more eyes have witnessed before but stay blind. We see such acts of inhumanity, talk about it and then just get over it, forget it. I was waiting for Papa in my car after we had our weekly dine out at one of the restaurants of my city. Just then I see a black car turning into the parking lot and got parked right next to mine. A gorgeously dressed lady, fixing her hijab got out of it. She called the driver to get off the car, who I suppose was her husband. The man, wearing blue shirt with jeans got off and walked to the opposite side of the car, next to his wife. They seemed to be a couple of 6 or 7 years. The lady had a minutes talk with a girl sitting on the backseat. That teenage girl quite poorly dressed, was nodding her head with a constant unreal smile on her face. The lady took her one child of around 4 years age and the other of around 2 years age out of the car. Her husband slide down the window of back seat for that girl and then the couple walked into the restaurant. The girl was sitting silent on the backseat. There were no one around. She was all alone sitting and waiting for the couple to return after they enjoyed a fine dinner in the restaurant. This was quite disturbing. All I could do was see her sitting there all alone. How inhumane we’ve become. How much iron hearted, how badly remorseless. Ah! what kind of a world I live in! Where we can afford an expensive dine out with family but can’t pay a little more for the hungry. Where we can walk proudly into a restaurant with our family and feel ashamed of taking our servants with us. How ruthless! How cold-blooded! This isn’t the story of one day but a story repeated everyday everywhere. We think we’ve become so modern and feel ourselves superior to other humans. Shameless! We’ve become. Actually our defination of modernism ends on expensive clothes, food and showoff. Stop being thick skinned and be kindhearted. Be humane. 

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