Trust! This one word holds the whole freaking world in it. It’s the shadow of integrity that let’s you free and holds on you until you want yourself to be held on. It’s a strong belief over someone that assures you he or she won’t ever deceive you. Like a day it brightens up your relationships and like feathers helps you fly free. You feel glad over having someone who won’t ever step back in hard times or won’t ever break your trust. The moment it breaks is the moment light goes away from the days and fragrance from the relationships. It’s trust that blossoms every bond. You can never have it back the way it was before you broke it. No matter what circumstances led you do it, no matter how hard it was for you to keep it, what matters is that you kept the trust or broke it. When trust leaves out, the soul from a relation escapes. You can bring it back but it wouldn’t be that clean as it was before. You can build it up again but it wouldn’t have the strength it had to stand like before. You can make the sun of trust to rise again but it wouldn’t be that brighter as it was back then. In simple words, the trust once gone never returns the same way. It’s hard earning trust and easy breaking it. It’s hard holding relationships and easy letting them go off. It’s hard trusting again but it’s on you if you want to. 

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