Being Strong

Emotions! Feelings! Sentiments! I’ve talked alot about it already in my previous articles. It’s the association of your words and eyes and facial expressions and every action you do with your emotions which is of mere importance. Have you ever been happy inside with a sad face? Almost never. But have you ever been sad with a happy face? Quite a lot of times. What drives you to hide your tears with factitious smiles? Is there any fear? Why is it sadness always veiled and not bliss? This is quite disturbing. You feel crestfallen but you build up a wall of colourful bricks outside your soul just to show the world how gladly strong you are although you’re not. You say you’re strong enough to fight any of your fear all by yourself but that’s not the reality. If that was true, you wouldn’t have to veil how downhearted you’re at times. I don’t say you should start crying out your pains in front of the world but you shouldn’t name ceiling your doleful soul being strong. Just because you don’t show it to the world doesn’t mean you’re strong enough to deal with it. Crying behind the walls isn’t what being strong is. Being strong is after you’re done crying, you know how to kick away your despondent emotions and win over it instead of drowning into seas of depression. The lesson to be learnt here is that hiding your tears isn’t ever considered a strength but being victorious enough to dry your tears down is strength. A happy soul is reflected from our faces but a sad one even though hidden for the time being pours out of you one day no matter how hard you try concealing it.

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