Dear Allah!

Dear Allah!

I know your plans are the best for me. No matter how bad everything goes, I know You’ll turn my life on to the best of ways. I know it’s hard time now. I know I’ll fall broken at times but at the end You’ll make me stand up brave and confident like never before. These dark clouds won’t stay long because You’re the most Merciful. There will be rain after drought because You’re the most Beneficent. Today, I was so frustrated over the kind of situations I’ve lead myself into. I am astonished how badly I’ve changed myself. I thought the change was for good but it isn’t. Everything seems like slipping out of my hands and then I see light, light coming from your way. It’s never easy to stay on the right track especially when you’ve got yourself drowning into the darkest and deepest of seas. But then I remember I’m being tested by You, the Al-Mighty.Help me pass through. Help me be among the best of Your believers. Help me follow the path Your beloved, Muhammad SAW walked on. Help me for You are the best of Helpers. I want my calmness back, the calmness I lost somewhere between last few years. Allah! I feel relieved talking to You. My worries diminish, my problems disappear, my thoughts get clear. Allah! You are the best of listeners. You’ve my secrets veiled for You are the best of keepers. From my tears to my fears, You know every single bit of me. From my abilities to my flaws, You know it all. Allah! You are aware of my situation, clear it. Clear the fog I’ve made in my life, clear the rocks that stop me from walking towards You. Allah! Help me become a better person everyday…

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