Choose Smiles over Cries

There has always been this confusion between what we want and what’s better for us. You can’t get the way out of the maze until or unless you suffer from what you choose for yourself. It’s somewhat hilarious that you get baffled by it that easily. For an instance, consider yourself confused between two completely different cities to go out for a trip. For example, it’s Switzerland on one side and Qatar on the other. You want to go to Qatar because you never visited it before but Switzerland is far more beautifully romantic place than any other around the world. So you choose this city of conferences, Qatar over the outlandish beauty of Switzerland. What results can you expect? Boredom to another level for obvious! How dumb we act just because we didn’t know the circumstances certain conditions can lead us to. We choose experiencing worse over enjoying the best, just for the sake of that damn ‘Experience’. It’s quite clear,I did the same as I’m so into writing about it. Believe me, at the end all you’re left with is regret and nothing more. You hate yourself for doing what you did to yourself for something that wasn’t worth it. Here putting it into more common example, suppose you want you’re wife to get free of the house work so you ask her to skip the household chores and accompany you to the office. How would she feel? Choosing your office over some good place out? She would definitely prefer staying home rather than choosing your choice. This is what I’m trying to clear. How can we not see what pleases us and neglect it just because we are too busy and we want things to be right quickly? This world is full of rules but not all of them are obeyed. Choose what makes you happier in the future rather than something that would make you regret choosing it. Choose being with the right people rather than crying later. Choose smiles over cries.

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