Goodbye 2016

You made me shatter into unfathomable pieces,
You had me blubbering at times,
Thank you for making me fall over and over,
For making me stand up so dauntless after all,
You made me roll in the aisles,
You had me belly laugh at times,
Thank you for all those blissful moments,
For all those memories imprinted on my heart,
You made me meet the salt of the earth,
You had me burrying the hatchet,
Thank you for diminishing all the distances,
For holding on square shooters tightly in my life,
You made me realize the wrong in me,
You had me punished for my faults,
Thank you for showing me my flaws,
For making me believe in myself,
You made me travel the world around,
You had me relishing new societies,
Thank you for my exquisite home,
For showing me how mediocre the world is comparatively…

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