Waiting for my bestie to respond…

When you’re anxiously waiting for that one comment you’ve been waiting for since one and a half day and you don’t, you feel like utter failure. It’s like whatever you wrote went useless and whatever you thought was thoughtless. It’s the worse feeling for a writer actually; especially a writer who writes it for just one reason. When that one reason doesn’t respond, it’s like the world has gone upside down. How much I wait for a single comment regardless of hundreds of others. How much I try to conceal the truth behind my writings. How much it pinches inside. It’s all unfathomable. My bestie always boosted up my confidence. She is the reason I try to write better everytime but she is lost somewhere, may be busy in some work, she couldn’t reply.
Although I do get bad comments from her, sometimes criticizing too but anything coming from that way means alot. Any kind of comment from that one side means heavens. It’s a feeling of success like winning a war you’ve been fighting since ages. But when you don’t get any reply, it’s devastating. It’s depriving.
It’s been almost 2 days but I didn’t get any reply or comment from her. It feels like ages. What stopped it from coming? God knows! But I wish just for once I get a reply by tomorrow evening.

See Buddy! I did the dare. 😊

1 thought on “Waiting for my bestie to respond…

  1. I know the feeling of not getting a reply on the one hand, because everyone wants their work to be appreciated but on the other hand you should be writing for yourself – first and foremost. If you want a certain person to read it, let them know.

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