A Muslim or A Momin!!!

I was watching a Ramazan Transmission “Shaan e Ramzan” on ARY digital yesterday where Junaid Jamshed was answering questions coming from youngsters regarding Islam. One of the youngsters asked him; ” Is believing in Allah the only requirement to be a Muslim or following His teachings a necessity too?”. That question clicked my mind. For a minute I was looking for the answer in my knowledge and the very next minute I recited Kalima Tayyaba,


“La ilaha ill Allah Muhammad ur-Rasul Allah”
“There is no God but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah”


After I recited this Kalima, I got my answer. I was waiting for Junaid Jamshed to answer it too. He asked the youngster if he believes in his father to be his father? The youngster replied in a yes. He said that do you do what your father asks you to do or just believes him to be your father. The youngster said that he does what his father asks him to do. Junaid said that in the same way we believe in Allah; is a necessity for He is our Creator and following His teachings is following what Hazrat Muhammad(S.A.W) lived. And this was what the Kalima said. Being a Muslim, we need to believe both in Allah and His last messenger.
Junaid  later cleared the difference between a Muslim and a Momin. A Muslim is the one who believes in Allah and His last prophet. Whereas a Momin is the one who believes and follows Allah and His last Prophet. How clear the difference is but we as Muslims have forgotten it. We believe but don’t follow.
We have set our own religion rules. What seems to be easy for us to accept, we follow and what seems to be difficult, we give lame excuses for not following it. We’ve become hypocrites, I say. We see the right way but don’t walk on it. We want to hear the truth, but don’t speak the truth. We want people to be perfect on religion but we never see our own selves.  We forget we are the fish of the same pond. We forget we have to face the same fire as any other unbeliever have to. Recitation of Kalima doesn’t make us a Muslim unless we follow it.
Saying that Allah is one and Muhammad (S.A.W)  is His last Prophet doesn’t make us a true believer. We need to believe in it by heart. We need to finish the whys and what’s from our minds for our religion. We need to clear our minds, our heart, our souls from the additions made by our own selves in our religion.
So try being a True Muslim and a True Momin instead of just an individual who has recited Kalima once in his lifetime and claims to be a Muslim. Try being real instead of fake.

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