Life needs breaths to live…

Whenever an innocent will be killed, whole humanity will be murdered.

Such a shame that we are living in a world where there is no love for humanity, no care for lives, no affection for fellow humans. We feel deprived whenever we lose a loved one but don’t pay any heed whenever some unknown person loses his life. Actually we’ve become so cold-hearted that we don’t feel for others. To us, our world begins and ends at us only. We don’t see more than our own tears, don’t feel more than our own pain, don’t think more than for our own self.

Today, two innocent boys lost there lives for no reason near my place. A teenager openly fired in the street and killed two teenagers. When I got to hear of such devastating news, I had no idea of what way we all are heading to. In today’s Era,  where there should be books in hands, I see those hands drenched in blood; where there should be love for fellows, I see jealousy and hatred engraved in heart; where there should be young blood standing brave in face of terrorism, I see young terrorists.

What are we teaching our new generation? What future do we see for them? Why is our generation so short tempered? I always feel proud for my country but how can I be proud at young blood shed by young blood? Such a shame! Such a dejection! Such a pity!

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