Life dies…

It takes buckets of courage to bear the pain that pinches the heart when you see your loved one die in front of your eyes.
It takes a hopeful yet a hard smile to cover the tears welled eyes.
It takes a strong yet wounded heart to conceal your feelings.
It takes alot to say Good Bye.
We can’t understand unless we have faced a similar situation. I understand.
Whether it’s our mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter or any other relation; we feel devastated even if they have to go through minute pain.
But what if you know your loved one is leaving soon and you will never get to see him again?
What if you can’t ignore the fact that he won’t be with you through out your life?
What if the hands that cupped your face lovingly wouldn’t be there always?
You feel broken but you have to face it. You feel utter sadness but you have to bear it. You feel isolated but you have to live with it. You can’t do anything to stop them from leaving and that’s what pricks the heart most.
I don’t know how to put it in words. The words can’t convey the pain, it’s so vast. How to elaborate it?
I’ve seen loved ones die, fight for their lives and lose it. I’ve seen them cry, saying good bye. I’ve seen them standing so confident yet helpless.
We are given life, we start seeing people, believing in them, making relations, growing old with them and then die. We know this from all time but we fear of it, we don’t admit this fact. We fear the feeling of letting go life.
My cousin had cancer. I saw his mother weep, I saw his father pray day and night, I saw him begging his parents to take him home. He was just a kid. He didn’t know anything of life or death but his parents knew. I saw his parents fighting for his life and then lose it. He died in such a short age but the ones left alive aren’t living either. They die everyday missing him.
Recently I got to know of my friend’s father. He has brain tumor. I’ve never met him and it’s been long too since I see the last of my friend. I called her as soon as I got to know of the devastating situation. Her words and her voice didn’t match. I felt proud to listen to her. She had held so much courage and pain together in her heart. She told me how it felt to see her father bound to bed. It’s been two years since he was diagnosed with the disease. She was crestfallen but confident. Her words ached but her voice was strong. It takes courage as I said. Her hope will win for sure.
One of classmates got married at the end of 2014. She had a baby boy around 5 months back. As soon as his boy got 3 months old, she was diagnosed with cancer. I got to talk to her a few weeks back when I met her near my college. She was heart broken but standing courageously. She knows it’s difficult to win the war but she is fighting. Her eyes might be welled but she could see everything so clear. She was dejected yet didn’t lose hope. I pray she wins.
Just today, I got to know of my fellow friend’s mother fighting cancer since many years. When I heard of her, I cried. I am so shocked at how increasingly people are losing lives around me. We might have problems but I feel problems aren’t bigger than someone’s life.
I know it’s difficult, it’s hard to face such reality but we have to. We shouldn’t lose hope. We can win. We just need to believe. I know people lose,they die but it’s not compulsory that we lose too. We can fight the fear off. Only if we believe in Allah and pray, everything is possible…

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