I don’t know what this topic would turn out to be by the end because I begin writing whenever I need a solution to some problem. Writing on anything is an inspiration, a way to eliminate all the stress that boils up inside our souls. Many times it’s difficult to clear the fog from our way that hinders our sight, stops us from looking at what the reality is. This haze develops an illusion of what we want to see;not what the actual thing is. What matters is not the fog but the reason, the circumstances that led to such muddle. Is it our own selves or the people around or this Era?  You never know; it could be anything.  But what do you do when it’s fate? I know some people; actually most of the people don’t believe in fate but what if it’s just destiny that hinders our way.
We confront hundreds of people daily, not all of them are same, not all of them share much of a muchness. Why is this so? To me it’s destiny. Destiny is what distinguishes a man from another. What so ever we do or get or have is all destiny. We often hear the saying, “What’s in your destiny will come to you no matter what happens”. But there are people who mingle fate with destiny. These are completely two different things. Fate is something that will come to us by our own actions but destiny is what’s planned for us already; whether we do something or not,it will come to us. If we are destined to touch the seven skies, we will; but if we are destined to die homeless, we will.
Let me put it in an easy example. Did you choose to be born a boy or a girl? No for sure. It was destiny. You were destined to be born the gender you are. It had never been fate. Destiny makes fate.
A punjabi poet puts it somehow: “Kismat dey maray asii ki kariye; Kismat tey kis da zor ay” ( What can we do if destiny is against us, Who has control over destiny)
It’s quite surprising how easily people refuse of believe in destiny. I mean when you know your birth and your death, the two most important facts are already preplanned, how can you simply refuse of destiny.
You can’t plan your own birth. You can’t plan your next moment. You don’t even know if you would be alive the very next moment. Sometimes I hear people arguing that we make our destiny but it’s wrong. We make fate, not destiny. And the fate we make is destined to be made.
Well! Destiny and fate are way too vast topics. Will be writing more over it after some discussion. All I would say at end is our fate is destined. We can change fate but that change was destined to occur. We can’t change destiny.


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