Brave enough…

Have talked alot over it and wrote on it many times but what I always witness is the same idea behind different circumstances. I can’t be sure if what I think is in the right books or not but what bothers me bothers many; I’ve witnessed that.
What I’m talking about is what we think of ourselves and how it effects the people around. Sometimes the situation is so much entangled in itself that we forget we are not the only ones suffering, there are many like us. We don’t remember how our attitudes,our words make other people undergo pinching pain. I never like putting my bad experiences in words but  this topic has a perfect example from my life.
I was having a serious conversation with one of my best friends. I was so soaked in the topic that I completely ignored what my friend was talking about or if she was right. I didn’t pay heed to whatever she said or tried to clear. I had an excuse ready for every thing she spoke of. I was acting as if I was the only right person in the room but believe me this thought worsened the situation. We started arguing after a few minutes of discussion. I didn’t want to hear her although she was right. I was standing on the wrong side of the road but I didn’t want to agree. I was wrong but at that moment I felt I was a person who can’t do any mistakes. I was silly I know and that day I proved it. I yelled alot over my friend but as it goes “Yelling don’t make you right”. I went home, banging doors. When I reached home, the fire set inside me was reduced. In evening, when I sat on my bed all alone, I recalled what I had said and how I reacted. I was so wrong, I realized. That realization was hard to make but was the right way things needed to go. It was harder to say “Sorry” and hardest to confront the wrong inside myself. Next day I said sorry for all the argle-bargle and that sorry made me feel so relieved. It was the best feeling. Admitting my mistake was so differently great. The feeling is worse when you’re wrong but best when you clear your mistakes.
We need to know we can’t be right always. We need to learn to listen. We need to speak our own mistakes rather than others. We need to be understanding rather than waiting for others to understand. We need to learn to finish fights rather than fighting. Relations are precious. Life isn’t life without loved ones. Even if we are right, we should understand why the other person is wrong and clear the situation instead of showing sarcasm. Saying sorry for our mistakes is good and Saying sorry even if you’re right means you value the relation more than your ego.
Be brave enough to admit your mistakes. Be brave enough to forgive. Be brave enough to love selfless.


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