Many of you reading this article might have read the last one I wrote, “My Boyfriend…”. I hope you liked it. After I posted that article I started getting messages from many of my friends. Those who read half way through asked why I didn’t tell them I had a boyfriend and those who read all the way said that they thought I was writing about a real boyfriend. Is this what has become the defination of love today? I’m quite surprised over it in that case.
How do you define “Love”? Is it just confined to the feeling of attraction between two genders? Is it all about romance? Is it having a strong intimate relation with a boyfriend or a girlfriend? If that’s the defination of “Love” in your dictionary, I strongly condemn the use of it. I am quite stunned over how our new generation feels about love. According to them, love is all about having an opposite gender to talk to in colleges or about going on dates or just wandering around with someone they’ve know for a while. They have set standards of love. They call it “Crush” if they love someone and can’t tell them; crushes change everyday for them so does that mean love is that simple to change everyday? They call it “love at first sight” when someone handsome or beautiful attracts them in a few seconds; some days later somebody new attracts them so does that mean love is just a few seconds of attraction. If that’s “Love” to them today, I feel I have completely different opinion.
Do you people remember the first ever touch that traced your face, fingers interlacing your tiny ones and lips kissing your forehead slightly? I don’t think anyone of you remember and neither do I. I was too little to remember and so were you. That was love at first sight which kept on growing after your father or mother ever saw you and took you in their hands. That is love.
Have you ever seen a soldier standing on the borders, fearless, with no sign of worry on his face and with a heart strengthened to even die in name of country? That’s love for country which made that individual so confident to even let go off his life for his love. He never cared for his life. That is love.
Many of you know the way Imam Hussain and his 72 companions were martyred in Karbala. They were short of water, they had their families with them, they knew what was coming their way but they didn’t back out. They knew how forceful the enemy was but they fought for their love; love for Islam, love for Allah. They embraced martyrdom for their love. That is love.
Some of you might have attended a funeral. What you see at funeral is a dead surrounded by crying people. Not all of them love him and neither do the silent ones don’t love him. The tears that roll down cheeks of a wrinkled face of a mother is love, the sobs of a silent wife is love, the cries of a daughter is love. That is love.
Love isn’t all about Romeo and Juliet or Heer and Ranjha. It’s much more than that. I don’t say that Heer Ranjha or Romeo Juliet didn’t love each other but I say that defination of love doesn’t end over here. It’s far more vast, far more simply complicated, far more intense.
I can’t forget the day I couldn’t score good in MCAT. That day I realized how much I loved my dream, how much I wanted it to be real, how much I was scared to let it go off. That is love too.
Many of you might have watched the movie, “Om Shanti Om”. (Don’t judge me as a bollywood freak). In that movie Shahrukh Khan talks to the award and says, “Itni Shiddat sey tumhey paanay ki koshish ki hai k sari kainat ney mujhey tumsey Milanay ki Sazish ki hai…”.Those lines were for his dreams. This doesnt mean we shouldn’t fight for our dreams, sit back and relax for our love to come to us. This happens in movies only. When you love something, you should fight for it in every way you can.That is love for dreams.
Once on my way back home on Gojra motorway in evening, I noticed a number of birds flying around. Those birds flew together, in a pattern. Meanwhile, one of those birds was left behind by the group. I could see it’s struggle to reach others. A few seconds later one of the birds returned back from the group and flew with the one left behind. That is love.
Love is the way you see it, the way you think of it. It’s in chirping of birds, in rain drops, in beauty of nature, in rising and setting of sun. It’s everywhere; the way it’s said Love is in the air.
Just think for a while what love is to you. It could be your daughter (like I am for my Papa), it could be any of your relation, it could be your dreams, your job, your religion, it could be anything. All we need to know is that when we talk about love, we shouldn’t forget love is in everything.

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