Begging- An increasingly increasing sin.

I had to go to the passport office so skipped my biochemistry tutorial yesterday. When I reached the passport office, I saw a poorly dressed lady with a sleeping baby tightly held in her hands with his head resting over her shoulder calmly. I noticed the lady very keenly. She was begging every person she could see; asking for money to buy food for her hungry child. I was deeply moved by her innocent face, tears welled eyes and yes of course,  the baby boy. I couldn’t reach her at that time to give her money but prayed to Allah for making her difficulties easier. Today, back home from college I saw that lady again. But this time she wasn’t begging at all. Instead she was trying to make a hold of the baby tightly by gripping his head. The baby was the same one. I was in the car, waiting for the traffic lights to go green. After a few seconds as the car moved, the lady took out a cloth and held it hard over the baby’s face and in no time the baby fainted. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Was I day dreaming or was it real? Did she really made her child faint by her own self? It all occurred in a blink of an eye. I wasn’t sure for what I saw. The car moved on but my mind was still struck over that car incident.
I don’t know if it was real or I was just wondering of something like that. Besides all that what my mind is still thinking is why is the baby mostly sleeping in beggers’ hands? I got to read similar discussion few months ago on Facebook but never noticed. Today whatsoever I saw or day dreamt made me think over it. Begging people for money is no doubt a sin because Allah says that ask Him for help and none other. I completely understand certain circumstances lead to people begging but apart from all this, I don’t understand why do the beggars need to carry a child with them?
Is it us forcing them to do so? Is it the government making them walk on such path? Or is it just them who don’t want to move on any other way? We need to figure out what’s really the reason behind all this. I really do feel it’s mistake of all three. We make them do so by just feeling pity on poor little babies and ignoring others. We have set a criteria of innocence where only children are innocent and adults aren’t. We think adults can do job and earn money but who knows what they are going through. May be they tried alot and failed. May be they don’t have anyone to push them to do work. May be they just don’t fit in any work. I still remember once me, Papa and Ama were going for shopping and we stopped near a traffic signal. A young man came with a piece of cloth in his hands and cleaned the front mirror of our car. He asked for money from Papa. Papa gave him some and asked him, “Why don’t you work? You are young and can earn money by working in any factory or mill?”. He gave an abrupt answer, saying that he tried alot but couldn’t manage any way. Papa told him to come to his department for work in Crescent Textile Mill. I still remember the smile on his face. The man was so happy on hearing that. So, it’s not compulsory for every begger to have made choice of begging for an easy way out.
Government make them do so by not providing employment. Our country has set very geek levels of earning which lead to the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. The poor get no way out except for adopting begging. This becomes a vicious cycle where the child of the poor is forced to adapt to such situation. I don’t say begging is good to do but it’s the circumstances forcing them to do so.
And they, themselves do so by not doing any other job except for begging. I understand for the children begging because of their parents leading them to it but what about the parents? They can do any job. The ladies can work in houses, sew clothes etc and the men can work in mills. They can stop this cycle by working and not letting their children suffer. They can educate their children and help them to get out of this hell. They can help their children but they don’t do so. Either they have badly failed from life or else they enjoy begging.
We should take the step we can. I see walls of kindness around the corners of my city, Faisalabad and many others. We shouldn’t encourage begging and help the poor by right means. We can offer them jobs if we have any. We can teach the children of our servants instead of asking them to work. We can help and should help. Every step counts. Like it is said, drops of water make up an ocean. So think over it and put the drops of kindness which you can put. Charity begins at home.

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