Pushed to Profession!!!

I have heard a lot these days of children complaining of being pushed by parents to adapt certain profession. This issue is becoming the reason of fiery arguments between parents and teachers or parents and children. It’s being imaged as if parents are forcing something hard on their children. Movies and certain other sources are interpreting parents to be the reason behind unsuccessful children. I see every second student around me saying, ” My parents put me in this profession. I never liked it”. Children not liking a profession and parents putting them into it has become a trend for half of the population. Is it right or wrong? Let’s discuss.
Just think for a while! When you were in your mother’s womb, were you asked if you want to be the part of this world or not? No for sure. You weren’t asked about your birth but your mother gave birth to you, brought you to this world. She had no profit in doing so but she did. That’s parenthood. It’s engraved in hearts of parents to bring their children to the best and bringing you to this world is the best thing ever happened to you. Agreed? I think Yes! So Parents did the best to you and do you really think they would go wrong for you on selection of your profession? I don’t think so.
Now think if a child doesn’t want to become anything and his parents give him permission to do whatever he wants, what way would he go? He wouldn’t go anywhere. Instead, after he would have lived his first 30 or 40 years of life, he would find himself doing nothing, living a useless life. His parents might not be around him at that time to give him sources of life. Then he would accuse his parents for not pushing him into something for his benefit. So we come up with parents being accused again for not pushing! So is it good to push or is it a bad idea?
Let’s suppose a child wants to become a photographer ( Like the one in 3 idiots! That movie impressed the youth. I was impressed by the movie too but not the theme sorry to say.). His parents put him into engineering. The child now argues for not allowing him to go to photography and wants to live his own life.
Do you guys remember the first day of your schools. How many of you went school smiling? I guess less than 5%. I still remember myself crying so hard that day. I cried for a whole month. I cry even today but we are forced to go schools and colleges. What if our parents had not sent us to schools because of us crying? We wouldn’t be here reading or writing this blog. So pushing that day worked a great deal for us. Wouldn’t pushing work for our professional life? So wouldn’t picking up engineering for him instead of agreeing on his arguments work? I think it would!
I don’t say parents are always right and neither do I say children shouldn’t be allowed to pick their profession. I say, parents know what we want, what’s best for us. They wouldn’t put us on the wrong way intentionally. They will think a thousand times over that. Believe me! I’ve seen many cases around me of unsuccessful children regretting of not walking on the path their parents led them to.
Just think over it! Your parents choosing your profession isn’t a bad idea. They have experience and they have lived on this earth more than us. They were children back then and know what we want. They know we would argue today, accuse them for putting us in the wrong field today but many years later we will find that they were always right. They had always thought the best of the best for us.
This profession choice fight wouldn’t ever end. My luck, I dreamt of the same profession my parents dreamt for me but I have seen people around me engaged in this fight. I am on parents side because I know they have genuine reasons over it but still may the best one wins because it’s just not profession we choose, it’s the life we choose to live.

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