Life with relations!!! Easier than the easiest…

Life is just so simple if you’re living it with friends and relatives. It’s the loneliness that makes it harder. My father says,”A person is a machine if he is deprived of relationships and feelings.” I always thought that there is nothing like fake relations on earth and if we make a relation to somebody, it is supposed to be true. But unfortunately I was at fault. Growing up made me realize that there are fake relations and they develop from hypocrisy.
Hypocrisy in heart makes it harder to live. We find everything going bad in our lives, everything mismanaged, everything out of place. We think it’s our friends and relatives who misjudge us, make us feel bad and make our lives trouble. But very sorry to say, it’s just “Us”. We are the ones responsible for our troubles. We are the ones who pinch our own lives. We have problem in our own selves. We are the roots of our own mistakes.
Don’t think it’s our relations which develop trials and tribulations. Relations make lives bloom, make life beautiful. Life gets its fragrance with relations. We need to stop hating the people connected to us and love them. We need to learn to love and change ourselves.
It’s hard to believe but relations these days have become namely only. We have no idea what we’re heading towards. We are making ourselves suffer from pain. At one second we think we are in a relationship and the very next second we think we are not. Isn’t it hypocrisy? We think we love someone but don’t believe it. Is it really love? We think we are starting to develop a relation with someone but we don’t develop trust. Is it really a relation? I know, no one’s perfect in this world. We all have faults in ourselves but at least by developing good healthy relations we can reduce our mistakes. Only if we start trusting the people connected to us, we can reduce our problems to 50 percent or may be 99 percent. But can we really do so?
I don’t know about others but I do believe we can begin relations even if it’s at the nook of the corner to cease. We can do so if there is even a beam of hope. We can do it, we just need to trust.

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