How many more need to be slaughtered???

Once again my eyes witnessed one of the deadliest days of Pakistans’ history. Once again my ears heard the loudest cries. Once again my soul is threatened by the innocent deaths. Once again humanity is ruthlessly murdered.How many more “Once Again”s’ are needed to bring down everything to normal?
Today 27th March 2016; Lahore- the heart of Pakistan had many hearts shattered into countless pieces when Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park was echoed by a suicide bomb attack. Many innocent lives were taken away, many mothers lost their vulnerable sons, many sisters mourned over their brothers’ dead bodies, many fathers shed silent tears when their children died and many hearts were torn apart.
Jamat-ul Ahrar took the responsibility of the attack saying that Christians were the target but the question arises where does Islam teach us killing innocent lives? Aren’t Christians humans? Don’t know if it was Christians or Muslims or Hindus or any other religious group targeted but all I know is humanity was targeted. Young lives were murdered. Being a Muslim I’ve always learnt that one who killed a single innocent life, murdered the whole humanity.
I don’t know when will all this stop? When will this slaughter game be over? When will we fight back and cease negativity? When will we start valuing lives? We need to finish this fear and this blood shed needs to be ended.
I pray for the day mothers start sending children to schools and parks fearlessly, the day life smiles freely outside. I pray the lives we lost today and in past rest in peace. May we get the courage to fight off all fears. Ameen.

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