Passion or Patriotism

I stand up for the glory of my country,
For it’s respect, I bow down to my knees,
People call me “Patriotic” for my endless love,
I call it “Passion”; passion to be all above,
For my country, I am ready to have my head cut off,
People take me as mad and just laugh,
I am the tireless soldier standing at the borders,
I take it as my duty; not just orders,
I am the hardworking student studying till dead hours of night,
I want to take higher and higher my country’s kite,
I am the poor begging on the roads,
Begging for my rights; to get off my country’s load,
I am the sweat drenched man standing under scorching sun,
Waiting to be a part of race to success and run,
I am the mother sending my child to school,
To learn to live freely, not under anyone’s rule,
I am a Pakistani and will remain so,
Waiting for the progress to start and grow.

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