To bring you home again!!!

If tears could build up a stair way,
And the memories a lane,
I would straight walk up to heaven,
To bring you home again,

If life could be a little more,
And the days a bit more long,
I would live my life fully,
With you; to whom I belong,

If the seconds could have extended,
And the time stopped,
I would have hidden you,
With death; I would have cheated,

If the breaths you took weren’t so less,
And the life wasn’t a race,
I would have bargained with God,
To make me go at your place,

If the words could explain,
And the thoughts be shaped,
I would have planned,
From death; both of us escaped,

If the cries could bring you back,
And your life be spared,
I would have cried so much,
That the thunders to my tears never neared…

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