Again this night…

  • Baby! I pick my pen again this night,
  • These stars brought you back in my eyes,
  • I desparately word up this sight,
  • When I see you sparkling up in the skies,
  • Baby! I get jealous of the moon again this night,
  • Hardly, I try to keep control over myself,
  • I could fly to you, I wish I might,
  • Oh! These distances I can’t cover, How helpless,
  • Baby! I fail to bring you back again this night,
  • It’s impossible for me you left in the lurch,
  • I still want you to shine high up and bright,
  • I keep searching for an end to my endless search…

Someone I miss…

  • Someone to hear what my heart says,
  • In search of someone like this,
  • Someone to shine in my dark days,
  • In search of someone I miss,
  • Someone to well his eyes with my tears,
  • In search of someone like this,
  • Someone to know the pain my soul bears,
  • In search of someone I miss,
  • Someone to be the drops of my rain,
  • In search of someone like this,
  • Someone to be the cure of my disdain,
  • In search of someone I miss…

A you in me…

  • Baby! Feel your tears sparkling in my eyes,
  • Oh! Your worries breathing in my sighs,
  • Love! It’s more than your eyes can see,
  • Honey! For once! Oh just once! Feel yourself in me,
  • Baby! Hear your voice singing in my soul,
  • Oh! Your aroma enlightening me whole,
  • Love! It’s more than your senses can plea,
  • Honey! For once! Oh just once! Feel yourself in me.

Love it or hate it! It’s addicting both ways.

I had this conversation with my friend a few minutes ago over cigarette smoking. I was preparing my pharmacology test for tomorrow when this weird question struck my mind. ” Does smoking make your memory sharp?” Because cigarette contains nicotine and nicotine stimulates glutamate resulting in learning and memory enhancement. When I asked about this from my friend, the reply I got was quite different from usual. 

  • “Does smoking make your memory sharp?”
  • “If that was so, everyone would’ve been a smoker”
  • “the logic clearly states it does. What does your experience say?”
  • “it’s my habit now”
  • “A bad one or a good one?”
  • “Both!”
  • “How?”
  • “Either it kills the pain or the person”

Isn’t it so depressingly true? It’s something that could bring you joy at times and at times make you crestfallen. Things like these make you helpless. You love it. You hate that you love it. It’s never easy chosing one way because either way you lose something you don’t want to. Either you lose life or the urge to live. Well! It’s getting deep now. Will be writing more over how helpless certain things, situations, people make you.

Stars, You and Words (2)

Hardly they know why stars are so dear to me,

Hardly they know why every night to the moon I plea,

Tell them! the shore isn’t shore without waves,

Tell them! it’s not the waves, it’s the sea,

They know what the stars are to the moon,

They know what the sea is to the shore,

Hardly they know what the stars are to the sea,

Hardly they know what you are to me…

Stars, You and Words

Oh I wish I was there, I wish so bad,

The moment you breath last, I wish I had,

Oh this pinches deep in here, this pinches in my heart,

The way you left, life shattered part by part,

Oh Baby your memories sparkle, you shimmer in sky every night,

The nights get harder to pass by, harder without your sight…

A worn out man…

I have always come up writing about emotions, sentiments, difficulties, resentments etc that a man faces in his life. Today, it’s about someone quite an inspiration and ideal of many. It’s about a man who lived to the fullest yet in the most decent ways. It’s about a man who proved humanity never dies even after his death. It’s about a man who called himself “worn out”. It’s about my father’s best friend, Arshad Munir Kazmi who passed away a few days back. I saw this man by my father’s side from ever since the day I saw my father. I have seen him selfless even in his most hard times. I never had quite alot conversation with him but whenever I had an exchange of a few words, I’ve heard him cheering up, encouraging everyone. From his business tactics to his architectural mind, from his friendly soft side to his friendly angry side, this man always had a calmness in everything. No show off, no acting up, no showboat. He was one of the most down to earth persons I’ve seen in my life. After his death, his acts of kindness came into light in the form of many people he had been helping through out. Whether it was profitable or not, he never backed off from helping the needy. I visited his home with my father a day before yesterday and realized how much his existence mattered when even the home without him didn’t seem to be the same place I had been visiting since my childhood. He was a great man, not just in words but in the way he lived and the way he became a lamp for those in darkness. May his soul rest in peace. Ameen.

From “Letters to a friend” (2)

I never thought mysteries actually existed until the day you bumped into me. Not because you were any way distinct from the rest but because your words always meant something more than what you said. I never thought stars made the moon so irresistible to see until the day you showed me the dazzling lit sky. Not because  you showed the beauty stars brought to the moon but because out of those innumberable stars, I actually found where mine existed and how fulgently it made me shine. I never thought silence spoke so melodiously until the day you sat silent next to me. Not because you weren’t speaking words at all but because even without any words exchanged, we spoke our hearts out.